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The History of Entertainment
Published on April 2, 2011 By Onikazi In Blogging

Digital media is all around us and is the subject of intense debates and constant legal action. To truly understand what all the fuss is about and make sure you are not adversely affected when the dust settles you need to know the history of entertainment, the potential of digital media, and how laws are limiting its use and implementation. In a few segments I will attempt to explore both sides of the dispute concerning digital media so the issue is clearly understood and present a solution to the problem that the creators of entertainment and their consumers will both benefit from if implemented.

Originally story tellers, singers, musicians, painters, sculptors, and actors had to perform their trade live in front of an audience. They had to rely on admissions, fees, and tips to earn an income. Most entertainers stayed poor unless they gained wealthy patrons due to the limited audience they could reach with their trade even with constant travel.

With inventions such as printing, sound recording, film, and photography entertainers were able to reach a larger audience bringing in more income with less travel. The only problem was equipment used for mass production was expensive and distribution can be confusing and costly. So wealthy sponsors took up the cost of mass production and distribution in exchange for a portion of the generated revenue and ownership rights. This is what led to the creation of Publishing Companies, Movie Studios, and Record Labels.

Now with Digital Media entertainers no longer need expensive mass production, packaging, warehousing, and distribution. In fact entertainers no longer need middle men to produce and market their work to the masses. With the internet anyone that creates digital media has unlimited income potential, the entire world is your audience.

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